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Sahrawis divided by a mined wall

01-06-2020   admin   Noticias

It has been dubbed the world’s oldest functioning security barrier, but is also called a “wall of shame” by Western Sahara residents and leaders who want… Read More»

Determined Sahrawi women risk their lives to clear ancestral lands of mines

01-06-2020   admin   Noticias

Western Sahara is one of the most heavily mined territories in the world following decades of conflict with its neighbours. Despite a 1991 ceasefire, most Sahrawis… Read More»

“Desminar para reconstruir”: Las mujeres desminadoras en el mundo

06-05-2020   admin   Actividades, Noticias

A diario personas mueren o pierden una extremidad por pisar una mina terrestre, ya sea antipersona o antivehículo. Las minas afectan principalmente a la población civil.… Read More»